Project Description

Titan Ventures/Sourcetap


Lancaster has proven that valuable intellectual property often goes unnoticed and can be turned around ala i2, Oracle and Microsoft,(Fortune, Forbes, Computer World)”. Lancaster founded this idea post bubble to takeover, acquire, earn in, roll up distressed companies from fatigued private equity investors, corporate spin outs, and start ups hit upon hard times.

During the 3 years that Titan was founded it has valued over 2,400 companies and acquired 15 pieces of intellectual property. Lancaster self picked 5 partners and 30 key employees since self-funding the startup himself. Lancaster has now rolled assets from Titan into Sourcetap.

Lancaster founded Sourcetap as a brand new business model for the application software business where companies and developers can acquire open source software for free. The business model is 100% driven on drag along revenue through services and software maintenance. Lancaster has received the Top CEO award given by Dallas Business Journal and been featured in over 30 publications, radio talk shows and AMR’s Executive Speakers Panel.

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